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JDS Outdoor Designs is an exterior design and construction company offering a full range of outdoor design/build services, ranging from complete hardscape makeovers to simple plant and irrigation installations, to rooftop deck and balcony transformations. In business in the South Bay since 2004, we specialize in designing and building outdoor escapes that connect the inside of our clients’ homes to the outside. Small or large, we listen closely to our client’s functional needs, and we implement their aesthetic taste and style into the overall project.


At JDS we have a strong passion for architecture, landscape design, construction, fabric design and horticulture. Our biggest asset is our ability to visualize exterior spaces, create them in digital format and build them into functional outdoor rooms. There are no surprises for JDS clients as we always present them with multiple drawings, 3D renderings, CAD drawings, material research and from there we execute the plan in front of us. It’s important to know that we are a licensed construction company, but first and foremost we’re experienced designers with a creative vision for all of our projects.


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